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About Us

unLOCKEd offers you a different marketing experience. You work directly with one person who has in-depth knowledge of the industry and the region, dedicated to managing and taking care of your marketing projects. This same person draws from a network of experienced professionals who specialize in every niche, identifying the talents, backgrounds and ideas best aligned to your business. Victoria LOCKE ensures you get the best in the specific field you need.

unLOCKEd differs in our ability to solve problems for your business. We get to know your business, help you clarify your needs and then develop the solution. Our personalized approach crafts higher quality solutions on flexible terms. Benefitting from years of experience in the management process, Victoria LOCKE understands the core competency of owners and managers and works on your behalf.

Trusted. Talented. Partnership.

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Let us take some of the weight off

For many business owners it's seems necessary to shoulder a lot when it comes to running a business. But you may face certain challenges you can't solve on your own - or realize that you'd rather someone else handle certain aspects so you can focus on the things you do best or enjoy most.

Let Victoria LOCKE shoulder some of the weight and help your business grow.

Engage unLOCKEd when:

  • establishing a new business
  • rebranding an existing business
  • relocating
  • growing your business
  • embarking on a social media strategy
  • before signing or renewing a yellow page ad

unLOCKEd takes out all of the guess work. You don't have to learn by trial and error. We've seen projects succeed and fail and know what it takes to be successful.

Engage unLOCKEd


  • Branding

    that sets you apart from the crowd.

  • Marketing

    that gets the crowd following you.

  • Project Management

    that organizes the crowd to get things done.

With a proven track record, unLOCKEd knows what will work for your business. A balance of technical know-how, hands-on experience and knowledge of the region inside and out have given us our proven formula:

  • ask the right questions

  • research the market

  • develop creative ideas

  • execute them on time and on budget

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